Trip information
Passenger information

After reservation, passengers board with the reserved tickets. Irregular tickets can not be used until seats are reserved. Passengers who have reserved seats must purchase the tickets within the time limit appointed during reservation. If not, the reserved seats will be cancelled.

Passengers are required to present valid personal travel certificates when purchasing tickets (including but not limited to ID cards, Passports, Visas, etc.). Passengers are required to fill in the Passenger Ticket Purchase List. Ill passengers must have medical certifications approving of travel by flight written by medical units authorized by China Eastern. Please refer to the Transportation Conditions for details regarding travel of ill passengers.

Tickets are the primary evidence for binding of the air transportation contract and the conditions of the transportation contract between China Eastern and passengers. Tickets include paper tickets and electronic tickets. Tickets can only be used by the passengers listed on the tickets. Tickets cannot be transferred or altered. Alteration of tickets will result in their invalidation; no return of ticket fees shall be made.. Tickets are valid for one year starting from the date of travel of the passenger. If not used, tickets are valid for one year starting from the date the ticket is written. The validity of discount tickets is calculated according to the validity period of the discount involved. Tickets should be used in the stated order from the point of destination written on the tickets.

Passengers can purchase electronic tickets from booking offices directly under China Eastern, sales agents of China Eastern and the electronic ticket website of China Eastern. Passengers are required to provide effective traveling certificates that may be used during procedures at the airport when purchasing electronic tickets. The Air Transportation Electronic Ticket Travel List can only be used as a reimbursement voucher for passengers for purchasing electronic tickets, and not as a certification to be used during boarding and procedures at the airport.

Child tickets, infant tickets
Children between two and twelve years old are required to buy child tickets. Infants who are younger than two years old are required to buy infant tickets but can not occupy seats alone. When it is necessary for infants to occupy seats alone, child tickets must be purchased. Please consult booking staff for the specific fare. Every adult can only carry two passengers (including children and infants) under twelve years old. A child ticket is required for any infants exceeding this quota.

Lost Tickets
Passengers who have lost their China Eastern ticket must bring a valid ID card and the copy or the fax of the lost ticket to a ticketing office of China Eastern for handling the lost ticket procedure which can be made within the valid period of the lost ticket. After verification, China Eastern will offer a new ticket within one workday before the departure of the flight for the ticket according to supplementation conditions and supplementation fee will be charged. The supplemented ticket cannot be refunded, changed or transferred. Passengers can also handle the refunding procedure according to the refunding applicable conditions after 90 days since expiration of the lost tickets (150 days since the expiration if outward voyage route is included). China Eastern may charge a corresponding refund fee. China Eastern undertakes no responsibility if the lost ticket is falsely used or refunded by others.

Passengers can propose a refunding application if part or whole travel route is not finished within the valid period. If NON-REF or NON-REFUND is marked on the ticket, the ticket can not be refunded. Passengers should bring personal traveling credentials and tickets (if valid) to the original booking place for handling the refunding procedure. If passengers wish to refund voluntarily, China Eastern charges the refunding fee according to the price of the tickets and the applicable conditions. If the journey is terminated at a flight exchange point due to the will of the passenger, the fee of the ticket for the unused route should not be refunded. If passengers can not travel on the original flight or the original class because of China Eastern, passengers can choose to refund free of charge. If passengers ask for refunds after the handling of the boarding procedure because of being refused boarding due to the disconnection of credentials or the violation of relevant regulations of the government or carrier, etc., China Eastern may charge a refund fee according to regulations of voluntary refunding.

According to the common practice of the international air transportation industry, China Eastern may overbook some flights. Under individual overbooking conditions, individual passenger may not be able to travel on the original flight. For those passengers, China Eastern may arrange the earliest available flight for passengers and carry different compliment measures according to the specific routes and the delayed time of the passengers.

According to the applicable conditions of tickets, China Eastern can attend to flight transferring formalities for passengers of our company and passengers holding China Eastern tickets. However, the ticket transfer can only be carried out with other air companies that have signed clearing agreements with China Eastern. China Eastern tickets held by passengers or non-China Eastern tickets containing China Eastern route can not be transferred if the original carrier for the route is required to be changed due to personal reasons or if NON-END or NON-ENDORSABLE is marked on the tickets. Otherwise, the transferring procedure is allowed based on confirmation from China Eastern. If passengers cannot travel on their original flight due to China Eastern, China Eastern should handle the transferring procedure according to the usage conditions of the seats of other carriers when the passengers choose to be transferred to another carrier.

In order to ensure the schedule of the flight, internal flights of China Eastern may start boarding procedures two hours before departure and cease procedures 45 minutes before departure. National flights will start boarding procedures 90 minutes before departure and cease boarding 30 minutes before departure. In order to avoid missing the flight, passengers are required to arrive at the airport counter during boarding time.

Friendly reminder: in the event of in-flight turbulence, please sit down and fasten your seat belt. Please don’t leave your seat until the “Fasten Your Seatbelt” light is turned off. Should you be out of your seat during turbulence, please don’t use the lavatory. If necessary, you can hold onto the handles on the baggage racks and handrails in the galley. Passengers who cannot get back to their seats may squat down and hold on to the railing underneath the seats or other fixtures.

Differentiated Service
China Eastern is entitled to provide differentiated services according to the demands of passengers.

Voluntary Itinerary Change
If passengers fail to use their reserved seat or travel on their reserved flight due to personal reasons, the reserved continuing or returning flight seats will be cancelled. New seats are required to be booked if the passenger wished to continue travel.

Carry on Baggage
Every passenger is only allowed to carry one piece of non-check-in baggage with a weight limit of 5kg and a volume limit of 20x40x55cm.

Check-in Baggage
Every piece of check-in baggage cannot exceed 32kg and must have a volume under 40x60x100cm.

Free Baggage Allowance
For national transportation, the free baggage allowance of passengers (including consignment baggage and non-consignment baggage) is: 40kg for first-class passengers, 30kg for business class passengers and 20kg for economy class passengers. There is no free baggage allowance for infants who pay for tickets at 10% of an adult price.
For national and regional transportation applicable to weight free baggage allowance, the free baggage allowance of passengers is: 40kg for first-class passengers, 30kg for business class passengers, 20kg for economy class passengers and 10kg for infants who pay for tickets at 10% of an adult price. For national transportation applicable to free pieces of baggage allowance, first-class passengers and business class passengers may carry two pieces of baggage free of charge, where every piece of baggage should not exceed 32kg. The sum of the three edges of every piece of baggage should not exceed158cm. Economy class passengers traveling on the China-America route and China-Canada route can carry two pieces of baggage free of charge, where every piece of baggage should not exceed 23kg; the sum of the three edges of every piece of baggage should not exceed158cm, and the total sum of the three edges of two pieces should not exceed 273cm. Infant with 10% price tickets may carry one piece of baggage free of charge, where the sum of the three edges should not exceed 115cm. In addition, one totally-folded or portable infant trolley may be carried free of charge.

Articles that cannot be transported
Firearms, military or police instruments (containing main parts); explosives; restrained knives; flammable and explosive articles; toxic articles; corrosive articles: radioactive articles; other articles endangering flight safety, such as strong magnetized articles that may interfere with the normal working of various panels on the plane, articles with a pungent smell, and other articles that are banned to be carried and transported by national laws and regulations.

Articles that cannot be carried in checked baggage
Important documents and data, diplomatic letters and bags, securities, money, circulating notes and certificates, valuable, fragile and perishable articles and other articles that are required to be taken care of by special persons can not be carried in checked baggage.. China Eastern bears the liability to pay compensation for losses or damages of the above articles contained in consigned baggage according to standard baggage compensation rules..

Baggage Stipulations
The checked baggage must be packed, locked well and bound firmly, must be able to bear certain pressure and safely loaded, unloaded, and transported under normal operation conditions. China Eastern can refuse to carry baggage which does not adhere to these conditions..

Baggage Compensation
If consigned baggage is damaged or lost totally or partly, the amount of compensation given will be in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Responsibilities for flight delays
If the flight is delayed or canceled due to aircraft maintenance, flight allocation, business affairs, flight crew, etc., China Eastern may provide on-the-spot flight information and services of meals or accommodation arrangements for passengers. If the flight is delayed or canceled due to reasons of climate, emergent events, air traffic control, security inspection and non-carriers of passengers, etc., China Eastern can provide flight information for passengers and help passengers with meal and accommodation arrangements. And fees are undertaken by passengers themselves.

Compensation Exemption
If passengers agree to accept compensation or supplements given by China Eastern according to regulations, China Eastern is immune from liability.

Compensation Liability
The maximum limited liability insurance paid to every passenger by China Eastern is transacted according to related laws.

Award tickets Redemption
Please visit the Eastern Miles website for more information

New Regulations

Quantity of tobacco and liquor allowed to be transported by passengers flying to Hong Kong
 1. Alcohol Allowance
 Passengers 18 years of age or older may carry, tax free and for personal use only, 1 liter of liquor with an alcohol concentration (by volume) above 30% (measured at the temperature of 20°C) when entering Hong Kong.
Passengers with Hong Kong ID cards must be away from Hong Kong for at least 24 hours to be entitled with the above allowance.
 2. Tobacco Allowance
Passengers 18 years of age or older may carry a limited quantity of tobacco for personal use tax free when entering Hong Kong. The restrictions are listed below.
19 cigarettes, or 1 cigar, or cigars weighing no more than 25 grams, or other kinds of tobacco products weighing no more than 25 grams.